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Established in 1951, the Maaksons group of companies has established itself as a brand of integrity and efficiency in construction. Maaksons has played an integral part in building the country's infrastructure and has the honor of winning awards for quality and speedy delivery by the highest government ranks. Besides construction, the group has established itself as a leader in facility management, gas, advance agro & trading sectors through its eleven (11) companies.

• Construction
• Architectural Design
• Facility Management
• Gas Industry
• Advance Agro
• Trading

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Pak Qatar Investments

Pak Qatar Investments is a venture arrangement supplier driven by modern technology and service culture, to achieve the fastest possible growth and highest credibility, by providing innovative solutions. The aim is to add value with diversified portfolio management to help our investor(s) reach their long-term financial goals.

• Venture Investment
• Commodity Supply
• Product Trading
• Import, Export and Wholesale

Pak Qatar Investment

Pak Qatar Investments

Together for Better


We are Concrete Together.

In the past decade, MPQ has gathered a vast portfolio of developing the country’s infrastructure, including roads, highways, tunnels, canals, mass transit, power stations, and high-rise buildings, and streamlining investment opportunities for stakeholders.


We are Sustainable Together

In the past few decades, the real estate development in Pakistan has sprawled unchecked, with no standardized checks or practices for construction and material quality, environmental impact, or the social fabric. The one segment that has singularly suffered the most during these urban interventions has been the human experience. The occupants of these sprawls have been subjected to inflated prices and inadequate living standards.

Additionally, trade-in Pakistan has suffered due to a lack of infrastructure, which has directly impacted the growth and stability of the logistics sector and impacted many others. While the rest of the world is exponentially accelerating and enhancing its logistics to provide better services, we have not strived for significant progress. This has affected the end-user and the rise of e-commerce as well.

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MAAKSONS and Pak Qatar have individually observed these circumstances arise and have reached a mutual understanding that it needs to be diverted towards a sustainable development model. This gave rise to a new coalition between the two corporations and hence came about the inception of MAAKSONS-Pak Qatar (MPQ). We are dedicated to creating a network that provides solutions and ease of availability and establishing a new avenue of sustainable development focused on vertical expansion instead of horizontal spread and aims to advent a new era of human-centric progress. 


Our Confidence In The Future

HE Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Thani Al Thani

Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Thani J. Al-Thani,

Chairman, Pak Qatar Takaful
His Excellency Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Thani J. Al Thani has been the chairman of Pak-Qatar Family Takaful since its inception in year 2007. Sheikh Ali is a prominent businessman in Qatar and currently, is the Chairman of Umm-Haish International, and Al-Jazeera Trading & Contracting. Sheikh Ali has continued to graciously support Pakistan in various noble causes including promotion of Foreign Direct Investment from Qatar, workforce employment and community services, particularly in education and healthcare across the country.
Said Gul

Said Gul,

Director, PAK QATAR
With one of the most widespread networks throughout 100+ cities in Pakistan, we are positive that the inception of MPQ with MAAKSONS will be a game-changer in the region. The two companies - Pak Qatar and MAAKSONS, bring a unique set of expertise to the table, the blend of the two will prove to be revolutionary, in terms of business, diversity, and CSR.

Speciality: Business Law
Degrees: S.J.D.
Waseem Aleem Khan (1)

Waseem Aleem Khan

Having played an integral role in the building and development of Pakistan through a variety of industries for 70+ years now, we believe the establishment of MPQ will reengineer and accelerate the pace of development previously known to our country. The values of MAAKSONS - integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and delivery, coincide with that of Pak Qatar, reinforcing the association of the entities. We promise nothing but disruptive innovation with high hopes, iron passion, charged-up teams, and top-of-the-line expertise.

Speciality: Civil Law
Degrees: LL.M.

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